Monday, July 18, 2011

Early Ephrata Depot

Courtesy of Allen Miller

Allen adds: "The first is what must have been the first telegraph office at Ephrata. The picture is dated 1896 but, in reading your blog, it must be more like 1901. Showing the half-box car station with tar paper applied externally to keep out the drafts. Note the old style sign with the period after the name. Also the old "swift style" train order signal and the telegraph wires going in one side of the station and, after going through the instruments, would exit out the other side of the office and back onto the telegraph poles. Note that there are two dogs lounging on the depot platform along with the men, a boat in the wagon and a trail through the sagebrush to the town in the distance. A far cry from the spacious 200 foot long depot that was eventually placed there."

Another view of the same vintage recently appeared:

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