Monday, April 17, 2017

BN F Units At Coulee City

Photo courtesy of Brian Elchlepp.

"I am continuing to dig though old slides and I am managing to find a gem or two. Here is one example from October 1980:

"Five BN F's (including 1 ex SP&S version) and a pair of Geeps have just arrived at Coulee City, WA and are backing their short train (after turning it )around one of the legs of the Wye. First order of business will be to do required switching and then the crew will grab breakfast at a local diner. The rest of the day will be taken up with the return leg to Parkwater while servicing the grain facilities along the way.

"The F's had just been knocked off of Maria Pass Helper duty and were working out of Spokane at this time, This was just about the end of the line for BN's F's in the west and the 40' box cars were close to the end as well."

The train has just backed over the Pinto Ridge Road crossing.

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