Thursday, October 1, 2020

Peach Branch Newspaper Clippings

Guest post by Ted Curphey.

Doing more research into Great Northern Railway's Bluestem-Columbia River branchline that was graded but not finished with track. Here is a full set of articles from the Spokesman Review and Spokane Daily Chronicle newspapers detailing the acquisition of land and initial construction in late 1911 through the troubles with landslides and washouts 1912-1914 to when GN gave up on the branch in 1915. GN briefly looked at the branch again in 1922, but that was when the idea of the Grand Coulee Dam came to life, forever sealing the fate of the proposed branchline.

Sept 29th, 1911

Oct 13th, 1911

Nov 10th, 1911

Dec 4th, 1911

Dec 8th, 1911

Jan 13th, 1912

Jan 28th, 1912

Mar 8th, 1912

June 9th, 1912

June 29th, 1912

July 5th, 1912

Oct 4th, 1912

Oct 27th, 1912

Dec 1st, 1912

Dec 12th, 1912

Dec 28th, 1912

Jan 15th, 1913

Mar 10th, 1913

Dec 25th, 1913

Mar 18th, 1914

March 21st, 1914

Nov 30th, 1914

Dec 14th, 1914

Dec 16th, 1914

March 24th, 1915

April 12th, 1915

Aug 11th, 1916

Feb 3rd, 1922

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