Sunday, October 15, 2023

2007 Rock Island To Trinidad Photos

Courtesy of the Department of Ecology. 


NP Fan said...

It's interesting to see on frame 38 and 39, how much material they excavated off the inside of the curve. Used for fill somewhere else? I've walked down the old grade nearly to that point but didn't realize that so much material had been taken from there. Great photo's!!

John, Ephrata

SDP45 said...

I'd like to know where it went. I assume fill for elsewhere.

The whole hillside seems unstable!


Kurt Moose said...

What a great set of pics! Was hoping they'd caught a train in there, but nice anyways. Cool to see where the Mansfield Branch took off from the main too!

Didn't realize how much waste I guess you call it, from the aluminum plant there is, wow!

SDP45 said...

That is silicon ash left over from the plant. At one time there was a plan to ship it to Moses Lake.