Tuesday, November 7, 2023

1986 Fairchild View

Photo courtesy of Harley Kuehl.

Harley says:

"November memories 1986, the grain is moving, and the power is pretty sweet too...westbound at Fairchild Washington heading for Wenatchee, before they put a stop on westbound unit trains on this sub division."


Kurt Moose said...

Sweet, one of BN's very first loco's in the lead, and F45 "growler", AND a lost Milw SD40-2 making it back to the NW again!


SDP45 said...

Hard to duplicate this shot!


Kurt Moose said...

But only the F45 is gone, the other two are still around!

SDP45 said...

There is a chance the cab of the F45 is around too, as MK ripped a bunch of those off for use in power for back east.


Kurt Moose said...

Oh, true! Possibly the rear radiator sections as well.