Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Update On Some Burned Out Bridges

Courtesy of Marilyn Hedges.

Again, this is a timely post. What is the world coming too???

November 2023

Marilyn says:

"Progress on the Crab Creek Bridges - After losing the historic wooden bridge over Lower Crab Creek, just east of the Columbia River/Beverly, to a fire in 2017, PTCT users were forced to detour on Lower Crab Creek Road. The second historic bridge, just yards east of the first, then burned under suspicious circumstances two years later (https://kimatv.com/.../historic-bridge-destroyed-in-fire). With both bridges gone, replacement was a bigger project. But finally there is progress on replacing the two adjacent bridges. Trail users will then be able to access some scenic sections of the trail that have not seen many travelers since 2017. We hope the work is completed by spring next year.