Saturday, November 22, 2008

CWGG Alstown and Supplee

This information comes from a 1970s Central Washington Grain Growers brochure, showing off their grain facilities.

Alstown got its name from Al Gormley, and early settler. Harvest usually starts early at Alstown. Yield and quality of the new crops are watched closely and often serve as an indicator of what may be expected in later areas. Alstown has been a station that usually had room for the crop, but in recent years growers have increased production to where considerable shipping is required at harvest.

Alstown is operated by personnel from Waterville. A telephone has replaced the radio for the convenience of grows as well as fast and accurate reporting.

As the railroad turns east from Douglas it is only about 5 miles to Supplee. What some old timers remember about Supplee is Waterville Union Grain’s first facility at Supplee which consisted of just a platform to pile sacks on.

Now Supplee is just another elevator along the railroad track. Usually handling less than its storage capacity, Supplee often receives the overflow grain when Alstown or Douglas become congested. Personnel from Waterville operate this facility. Growers market their grain at the main office in Waterville.

Note: Alstown was named for Al Rogers.

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