Thursday, November 20, 2008

CWGG Coulee City

This information comes from a 1970s Central Washington Grain Growers brochure, showing off their grain facilities.

Coulee City
The area around Coulee City had undergone many changes in recent years, since the completion of Grand Coulee Dam. The ever-growing Columbia Irrigation project begins here and is the original source of water for the parched lands of the Columbia Basin. However, almost all of the grain received at our elevator comes from dry lands.

The Burlington Northern branch line ends at Coulee City and carries about 65 percent of the area’s grain. About 35 percent is moved by trucks from farm storage to river and coast terminals.

A new office was built in 1975. The 80 foot truck scale with electronic printer and readout has helped to speed up operations at harvest. It’s part of the cooperative’s effort to keep pace with the rapid changes in farming practices.

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