Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CWGG Mansfield

This information comes from a 1970s Central Washington Grain Growers brochure, showing off their grain facilities.

The Mansfield station can boast of being the largest receiving station of Central Washington Grain Growers, Inc.

Since the early homestead years Mansfield has been served by many different grain companies and mill. Now all of the elevators are operated by this grower owned cooperative.

This year your Board of Directors took action to correct part of the harvest bottleneck by installing a 6,000 bushel per hour elevator leg in the south facility. The most modern and accurate electronic weighing equipment has replaced the old scale. Up-dating of these facilities will no doubt continue.

Mansfield is often referred to as the “End of the Line,” as the Burlington Northern’s front line terminates here.

Grain marketing information flows into the office via wire services from the Grain Exchanges in Kansas City, Chicago and Minneapolis. Growers now have the most current market information available.

The three fulltime employees and residents of Mansfield are assisted by six additional people at harvest time.

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