Monday, January 5, 2009

Slow Travel on the GN

From the "Quincy Quill," Quincy, WA

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"Mr. Eaton, who was one of the first to locate in this country but had returned to his home in Virginia, made a trip here on business. When he arrived in Spokane he had no thought that he was only half way, timewise that is. Quincy is only 140 miles from Spokane, yet it took Mr. Eaton four days and nights to make the trip. The train he was on got as far as Odessa and on account of a washout had to return to Spokane and come around on the Central Washington line. The officials neglected to awaken Mr. Eaton from a nap at his destination and he rode through to Wenatchee. Catching a freight at Wenatchee he got as far as Trinidad, that being a pretty long run at one time for the GN, he had to leave the train there and arrived in Quincy on foot, much disgusted, but not more so than the usual traveler of the GN."

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