Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update on a Dam Locomotive

Photo has been published twice. Once in the newspaper, and the second time in the March/April 1985 "The Gold Historian." Photo was attributed to the collection of Curly Sammons.

A gentleman named Ted Macy passed on a little bit of info on the following locomotive first seen in this post.

locomotive: Heisler
Heisler Construction Number: 1444
Owner: David Ryan Construction Co.
RR Name: Ryan Siding RR
Gauge: Standard
Weight: 75 tons
Built: 9/1920

It would seem that this is the only known photo of the above locomotive.


John Taubeneck said...

From what little I can find Ryan had the contract to build 28 miles of railroad from Odair to Mason city. I am working on a listing of locomotives used on Grand Coulee Dam. Any help welcome

SDP45 said...

I've got photos of a few others, but other than 2 Shay's that you can look up, I really don't know. Feel free to use any photos here for your research.

Let me know if you come up with a listing.