Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Plan 200-Foot Tunnel For Dam Site Railway

From the “Spokane Chronicle.”

October 29, 1934

A 150 to 200 feet long tunnel will be bored through the solid granite mass northwest of the model engineer’s townsite, Harvey Slocum, construction superintendent for the MWAK, declared Saturday.

Jack hammer men were at work Saturday on the first stretch of the Mason railway which will connect up with the U. S. Construction railway from Odair to the dam site, now being built by David H. Ryan and Crick & Kuney. The tunnel will be located approximately 100 feet from the spot where the company line connects with the government’s.

The tunnel is necessary, Slocum explained, in order to do away with making an almost impossible turn along the outside of the 800-foot solid rock wall. By boring through the granite, no sharp curve will be necessary.

Route of Rail Line

Locomotives and cars will run through the tunnel, then along the outside of the mountain of rock to a point near the U. S. gauging station, over the railway bridge, yet to be built, then along the 1020 level on the on the east shore to a point near the Addison-Miller camps.

The railway bridge will be a timber-truss affair.

Photo of the completed tunnel can be seen here.

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