Friday, November 12, 2010

Mansfield AFEs

This is a summary to the "Applications For Expenditures" (AFE) files which were project files for all purchases, construction or removal of facilities or equipment from Great Northern property. These files sometimes contain correspondence, invoices, blueprints and other project information, and often contain insight into events or changes in a specific area at a point in time.

As a summary, it does give a look into the changes made over the years.

From the GN-NP Archives.

1911    Place private road crossing one mile west
1911    Install telephone in baggage car on Mansfield branch
1913    Place portable unloading platform
1914    Place a portable incline unloading platform
1916    Construct Standard Oil Spur
1916    Alter toilets
1917    Install express locker
1918    Install unloading platform
1919    Clean ditches from Columbia River to Mansfield
1920    Bridges and culverts Columbia River to Mansfield
1920    Place ballast cinders on branch
1920    Bridges from Columbia River to Mansfield
1921    Place ballast cinders on branch
1921    Assessment for road
1922    Repairs to bridges-Mansfield line
1922    Remove train order signal
1923    Bridge repairs
1923    Construct Columbia Valley Lumber Spur
1924    Bridge repairs Columbia River to Mansfield
1930    Construct Union Oil Spur
1931    Remove engine house, coaling dock, and 4 tracks
1932    Adjust accounts for destroyed tool house
1932    Move tool house from Palisades
1933    Retire snow fence
1936    Extend public crossing
1938    Install rail anchors Columbia River to Mansfield
1939    Adjust account for miscellaneous facilities Columbia River to Mansfield
1940    Remove industry track
1941    Remove tail track of wye
1941    Retirement of ROW north of Mansfield
1942    Remove depot (not done at this time)
1942    Remove water tank
1945    Repairs to roadbed-Mansfield line
1948    Install crossover (cancelled)
1949    Install crossover
1949    Easement for road
1951    Assessment for sewers
1955    Easement for driveway
1956    Move section buildings
1957    Retire ROW on Mansfield extension
1963    Rearrange bents-Bridge 43
1964    Rearrange bents and steel span- Bridge 43

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