Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Old Railroad Grades in Eastern Douglas County-2

I originally posted about the abandoned grades of the Central Washington Railroad and the Seattle Lake Shore & Eastern way back in July of 2008.

I finally got a chance to go back and look around a bit more, and in the meantime I discovered more information about who went where.

You can see the grade on the middle right of the photo. Chasm is Dry Falls, and you can see the Visitor Center there peeking near the edge.

Better view of the spot where a large curved trestle would have been placed. Note SR 17 behind the grade.

View looking north. Both the CW and SLSE can be seen here. This is below US 2, but above SR 17.

Stone oven remains above the grade in the area.

Older view of the new and old alignment of US2. At one time I only saw the upper railroad grade, which is quite obvious here. But notice another grade right center of the photo. That is the SLSE.

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