Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spirit Of Washington Dinner Train

After the dinner train shut down operations near Renton, WA, the cars were stored on the old Scalley spur at Wheeler, WA, outside of Moses Lake for a few years. The cars have now been sold and are having their brakes and wheels fixed up before moving to their new owners in California.

Photos are from October, 2012.

Power car.

Mount Rainier.


Chateau Ste Michelle.

New wheels to be installed.

City of Seattle.

City of Renton.

Columbia Winery.


City of Renton dome.

City of Renton galley.

Permit in the City of Renton.

City of Renton galley.

City of Seattle lounge.

City of Seattle dome.

Sunset on the City of Seattle.


LinesWest said...

Nice photos - thanks for sharing them. The sunset picture is particularly nice.

Unknown said...

I worked as an actor on those cars for years. Great to see them again. Thanks for the memories

SDP45 said...

Would you believe that 2 of the cars are still there?