Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One Killed And Five Injured

From the "Empire-Press."

August 24, 1922

Albert Berghley, age twenty-six, whose home was in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was killed instantly; Sam Swanson suffered a slight fracture of the skull; James Lewis had his side and arm crushed; William Davis had his leg broken; John Dolson suffered injuries to his shoulder; and J.B. Brownillette was injured about the head, causing unconsciousness, when a speeder on the Mansfield branch, on which they were riding, ran into two cows on the track near McCue, last Friday evening about eight o’clock.
The men were members of a bridge crew working on the branch line, and were coming toward Alstown. D. Hemstead, foreman of the crew, who was driving the speeder, was the only one to escape uninjured. One of the cows was killed instantly and the other one died the following day. Hemstead managed to get the men who were hurt to Alstown, also the body of Berghley. The injured men were rushed to Waterville from there, by auto, and placed in the Smith hospital where medical attention was immediately secured.
E.M. Thomas went to Alstown and brought back the body of Berghley, which was at his undertaking parlors until yesterday afternoon, when burial took place in Fraternity cemetery. A sister of the deceased had been located in North Dakota, who asked that burial be made here. Rev. Boppell conducted a short service at the grave.
The men who were injured are recovering.
Just how fast the speeder was traveling we did not learn, but the men say they were looking for the train, and were not going at a high rate of speed. Berghley was thrown from the car down an embankment, striking his head on a rock which caused his death.
The cows that were killed belonged to Mason Barb.

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