Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Winchester AFEs

This is a summary to the "Applications For Expenditures" (AFE) files which were project files for all purchases, construction or removal of facilities or equipment from Great Northern property. These files sometimes contain correspondence, invoices, blueprints and other project information, and often contain insight into events or changes in a specific area at a point in time.

As a summary, it does give a look into the changes made over the years.

From the GN-NP Archives.

1898 Extend passing track
1900 Construct private crossing
1903 Construct Right of Way cattle guard
1903 Install mail crane
1904 Construct private crossing
1904 Construct Right of Way fence
1904 Construct Right of Way cattle guard
1905 Install public Crossing
1905 Construct Right of Way fence
1906 Install public crossing
1906 Install public crossing
1908 Extend passing track and place portable depot
1914 Place 1620 feet of ROW Fence ½ mile west of Winchester
1914 Construct 950 foot extension to passing track
1922 Move section house to Columbia River
1951 Install culvert
1952 Provide easement for highway
1953 Extend industry track
1953 Construct temporary crossing
1955 Extend track for Ranch Produce
1959 Extend track 2
1962 Provide easement for ditch

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