Sunday, December 1, 2013

Difference Of Decades Dry Coulee Trestle

After recently getting a hold of a few photos from the late Dorothy Kimball, I was looking through the photos I took during a hike of the old railroad grade through Dry Coulee. Sure enough, I managed to nearly match one of her shots, totally by accident.

Keep in mind that Dorothy was looking for interesting things to paint, so she had no qualms about drawing on her picture to help out.

1978 view:

2010 view.


Robert Bowman said...

It goes to show that when a railroad pulls up the track there is very little for us railfans to see. These pictures are a prime example of this. I doubt if one could find a loose spike let alone a rail joint or nut and bolt. They, the Railroad, take everything.

SDP45 said...

The place did have a lot of those little items here and there. The scrapper could have been more careful. One of the other trestles that was removed still has one of the bents sitting nearby the trestle site.