Friday, December 20, 2013

Wilson Creek 2010 Derailment--Part 2

Cleanup activity continued through the night. Early the next morning found the tracks cleared and relayed, the siding switch replaced, a new signal being installed, and grain being reclaimed.

Work train power holding the siding.

Neato find in the work train.

This very nice caboose had been cut off the work train to clear the crossing.

A second work train was holding the main.

I was again invited to the top of the elevator by the same fellow as the day before.

New signal mast at East Wilson Creek.

New switch at East Wilson Creek.

Beat up ties around the first crossing east of Wilson Creek. The timbers used for the crossing had been turned to splinters.


MB Line said...

I see you got a picture of loco #2730 in there. One of the last locos to run the MB Line. Very nice.


SDP45 said...

Glad you pointed out the connection!


Phil Krogh said...

I worked for a company in the 80's with an industrial vacuum truck. We went to several railroad grain spills in the Puget Sound area. I am not familiar with the vacuum/transfer equipment in the 8th photo. I wonder if it is owned by the railroad.

SDP45 said...

I didn't get close enough to look for sure, but I do know that the grain co-op to the north has a vacuum setup of their own.