Saturday, November 22, 2014

CW Hike

The Central Washington grades west of Coulee City are fairly complete to near the top of the coulee to the west.

It starts climbing just after the grade crosses what is now SR 17.

  View to the south, with the Dry Falls visitor center over the edge to the left. The grade would have had an impressive curved trestle here.

  Coming up the hill towards US 2. Not so easily seen here is the Seattle Lake Shore & Eastern grade just below this one.
 Jumping up the hill a bit is a horseshoe curve, carved deep in the hill on a steep grade.
 Looking towards Coulee City from the curve.
 Mid curve looking downgrade.
 Mid curve looking upgrade.
 Upper end of curve.
 Another view of end of curve without the farm equipment.
 Looking beyond the curve.
 Cut in the hillside near the entrance to Pilot Rock Estates.
 Fill where it would have Garred Road.

Deep cut looking downgrade from the previous view. That might be Dean Ogle.

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