Sunday, February 20, 2022

BN Train At Cement

Courtesy of Blair Kooistra.

Blair says:

"CW Local departs Coulee City, WA on October 11, 1980 with 15 40-foot boxcars of grain bound for west-coast export behind a mix of mostly former Northern Pacific F9A and B's and a GP7 and GP9--and one former SP&S F3, 712.

"Most of the cars wear BN paint--the rest a mix of Great Northern and Burlington. Why no unpainted NP boxcars? A close look at the repainted cars might answer that question: 10 of the 11 repainted cars appear to be former Northern Pacific B2's. The freight car nerd within me wonders why the NP cars were repainted at a faster rate than the GN or CB&Q 40-foot cars?

"I did the same shot 10 months later--still F-units and geeps, but this time, all covered hoppers. The only 40' boxcars seen were being used to haul grain off the Eleanor spur."

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