Monday, January 16, 2023

EWG Hanson View

Photo by Gary Durr.

May 2017

Grain isn't the only thing that the EWG(Eastern Washington Gateway RR) hauls... on this beautiful spring day C-40 #9129 hauls an extremely long string of Bare table cars East Bound through Hanson Washington. The cars have been in Storage all along the EWG line for more than a couple of years, and they are finally getting called back to service... They will be brought to Geiger Jct. and there the 9129 unit will be traded out for two big UP units, for it's final leg into Cheney Washington, where it will be interchanged to the BNSF and eventually forwarded to Union Pacific.


Kurt Moose said...

Beautiful shot, look at that sky, wow!

SDP45 said...

The photographer made a great image!