Wednesday, August 6, 2008

High Winds Damage Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Steamer

From “The Quincy Gazette,” Quincy, WA

Nov, 23, 1906

Trinidad, Nov. 16—There was a very destructive windstorm at the Milwaukee bridge site. The steamer St. Paul was blown onto the rocks and badly damaged the cabin. Small boats on the deck were blown half a mile and dashed to pieces. A deckhand was hit with flying debris and slightly injured.

Trinidad, Nov. 21—The wind storm which followed the recent rains was the most severe ever known here. Two good new barns north of town were blown down, also several shacks. The wind carried weeds before it at the rate of forty miles per hour. The St Paul was at Crab Creek with a load of railroad supplies. The crew sates the wind was a fright. The large dining room at the rail camp was blown down, also several new buildings, including Louis Hobells new store building. The top of the steamer, including the pilot house, was blown off. The mast rods were also broken, which allowed the lowering of each end of the boat one foot. The boat was wrecked quite badly, though not past running.

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