Monday, March 29, 2010

Approach of The Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern to Davenport

From the "Lincoln County Times," Davenport, WA.

December 7, 1888

     "On every side one sees new buildings under course of construction and the sound of the carpenter's hammer extends far into the night. The new depot is among the principal buildings now in process of erection and around it centers most of the interest of our citizens. Freight from the terminus of the new railroad, but a short distance away, is landed in town daily. Strangers seeking locations in all branches of business select this town as headquarters and all acknowledge that few places in eastern Washington offer the inducements of the Big Bend. The elevator is daily storing large consignments of grain, preparatory to shipping to other points, and freighters' teams make this city their destination instead of surrounding towns. The 'boom' has struck Davenport and will stop with us for some time."

This article was written regarding the approach of the SLS&E to its temporary terminus within a little less than five miles of town in December, 1888. This appeared to be a signal for something approaching the nature of boom times.

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