Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Record Harvest of 1905

From the "Big Bend Chief,"  Wilson Creek, WA.

August 5, 1905

The 1905 wheat harvest was a big success and a great surprise to the grain buyers and the railroad, which were not prepared for it. Robert Pope reported thirty-two bushels per acre. Wheat piled up everywhere for rail cars were not available and there was not enough warehouse space. The price to the farmer was 56 cents per bushel. (It was 37 cents in 1901, 50 cents in 1902 and 69 cents in 1903. “Farmers! Please don’t haul in any more wheat for awhile”. Over 110,000 bushels was the estimate received at Quincy and this was not all, for Wenatchee Milling Co had a loading platform and was buying wheat at Crater as well as at the Trinidad warehouse.

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