Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Central Washington and SLS&E at Davenport

From the "Lincoln County Times," Davenport, WA.

December 27, 1889

..."People already here were confident and cheerful, however, for the location was such that it was only a question of time until railroad communication would be established, and then a bright future was assured. A year ago last summer the construction of the Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern road was commenced by a company of capitalists. It was headed westward through a rich farming country. The jealous eyes of the Northern Pacific officials saw that the trade of a vast inland empire was about to be wrested from them by a competitor. A branch of the great transcontinental line must be thrown out to counteract the effect of the building of the other road. To think was to act. Ground was at once broken on the Central Washington, and rapidly two ribbons of steel stretched off into a section that had never echoed to the shriek of the iron monster. The people of Davenport watched anxiously the movements of the rival companies. A year ago this month the sound of the approaching locomotive could be distinctly heard far off to the southeast. In February the Central Washington crew spiked the iron into the corporate limits and connection with the outside world was complete. The advent of this railroad was the cause of much rejoicing and a new impetus was given to the place. By a great mistake the Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern was built to withing four miles of town, and there the terminus remained for some months. At last the enterprising citizens raised the necessary amount to grade the roadway into town and then Davenport had the advantage of a competing line with all points east and west, at the same time insuring for its being a railroad center, as no road will be constructed across the state in future years without being compelled to pass through this place."

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