Monday, June 14, 2010

Electric City Yards Grow as Shipping is Speeded

From the "Spokane Chronicle."

July 14, 1938

About 500 tons of steel arrives daily in the busy Electric City railroad yards.

The steel is for Bethlehem Steel company's concrete trestle, for the Western Pipe and Steel company penstock linings, for closure gates, and other construction.

Additional spurs have been built in the yards to facilitate handling of material, a departmental improvement for faster service during concrete-pouring time. A spur has been built to the bending plant and another to the steel fabricating plant.

Clearance of the government railroad from the yards to the dam site was measured Wednesday by CBI to determine if the big penstock linings can be brought to the installation point over the line.

Several areas of impaired clearance were found. The line may be shifted in several places to meet the condition. If it is found impossible to use the road, a huge trailer will bring the linings to the dam site.

Under its contract, CBI must take delivery at the mill.