Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grand Coulee Contracts Awarded

From the "Spokesman Review."

December 9, 1967

Bureau of Reclamation announced the awarding of two contracts for work at Grand Coulee Dam involving aerial photography and improvement of the rail yards at Coulee City.

Jay Whiteford Co. of Seattle submitted a bid of $80,827.50 for aerial survey maps, which will be produced in black and white and color, to assist engineers with sectional data for excavation processes at the site of the third powerplant here.

The job at the railhead in Coulee City, Wash., at Odair Yards will involve the laying of 3,100 feet of track, ballasts and crossing. Lampson Railroad Co. of Kennewick, Wash. awarded the contract on a bid of about $30,000.

The total amount of contracts awarded for preliminary work to the construction of the third powerplant amounts to more than $30 million.

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