Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taunton Substation-2

Views from a few years ago.

Famous Milwaukee Road book author Fred Hyde and son, as seen from the top of the signal mast at West Taunton.

Bungalow remains.

Large fill immediately west of Taunton.

Bungalow remains.

Bungalow remains.


LinesWest said...

Very nice images of the old main, thanks Dan

Mark Danielson said...

Your shots leave me with nostalgia, as I spent my boyhood nosing around the hills and the substation. The houses were still there, but riddled with holes from the flickers. That fill west of Taunton was my trail for climbing on Saddle Mountain, which I did frequently, and my brothers spent a lot of time combing through the dump on the side of the coulee, bringing home things like a parabolic mirror from a locomotive headlamp. I have two shots taken from the switch on the west end of town, one taken by my father around 1950, and one I took in the 1970s or so, both looking past the signal lights at the Crab Creek valley. Since my father's shot was before irrigation, it was mostly desert. My shot reveals the changes brought about by the arrival of water.

SDP45 said...

I enjoy your blog very much! Have you posted these shots you speak of? I'd be delighted to see you write them up.