Saturday, May 4, 2013

1979 Milwaukee Road Train At Beverly

Photo courtesy of Rob Leachman.

May 27, 1979

Rob says: "Train 200S26 eases onto the Beverly Bridge just seconds after sunrise on May 27, 1979. For a brief moment – the right moment to make this photograph – the mountain radiated an incredible reddish glow. Note the Locotrol slave units at the right.

From a conversation with the train dispatcher the night before I knew that this train should be coming at Beverly right about sunrise, so when I camped out for the night at Beverly I had hopes it would all work out in the morning. Even so, I was extremely fortunate that the timings of train and sunrise were so perfectly synchronized. Especially considering there was just one eastbound train that day!

The wind howled all night (normal for Beverly, I suppose), so it was tough to sleep. At dawn I crawled out of my sleeping bag and cranked off this shot. Wow."

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Anonymous said...

striking - almost sci-fi - lighting.

jim, from iowa