Sunday, October 14, 2018

1939 CBI 2-10-2 Steam Engine

Photographer unknown. Thanks to Gary Durr for finding the CBI pictures!

Engine info:

07-27 2-10-2T 22x28 134 tons
Sugar Pine Lbr. Co. #5 Pinedale, CA
Pensacola Co. (D) Pinedale, CA 11-35
Mason-Walsh-Atkinson-Kier & Co. #800 Mason City, WA (Grand Coulee Dam)
(tender added)
Consolidated Builders #800 Mason City, WA 03-18-38
H. J. Kaiser Co. #1119
Scrapped 1947

ALCO builders photo of Sugar Pine Lumber Co. #5, dated June 1927.

See more about the engines that helped build the dam here.

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