Friday, April 8, 2022

Beverly Bridge Opening Sneak Peek

I was invited to take a sneak peek of the nearly complete Milwaukee Road bridge over the Columbia River. Our tour happened on March 22.

Mark Borleske has been the moving force behind getting station signs and points of interest installed along the entire Palouse To Cascades State Park trail. He invited me and my wife along for a trip across the bridge. Also along that day was Wayne Monger. I regret not recalling the fellow from the State Park system who was tasked with putting the bridge into shape for pedestrians.

Mark brought 2 bicycles along, and allowed me to borrow the other to ride across the bridge. Our guide also rode along. That said, we stayed with the rest of the group who walked, until reaching the east end of the bridge. We then rode out to  the Beverly depot site for photos.

Click on a photo for a larger version.


Kurt Moose said...


How cool was that?! Can't wait to walk across it!

Unknown said...

The State Parks project rep was Adam Fulton. My brothers and I worked on the Beverly Bridge Rehabilitation Project. I remember the day your tour group crossed. I was actually the guy that went over the side of the bridge to bring up the scrap lumber shown in one of your pictures. Thank you for the work you do in maintaining this area history.

SDP45 said...

Thanks for the name! I wish I had caught up with you too!