Wednesday, April 20, 2022

BN 6919 At Odessa

Photo courtesy of Bill Edgar.

July 16, 1977

Bill says:

"Remarks & Notes 

BN 6919 has its westbound freight tucked into the siding at Odessa, WA as an eastbound meets it. Odessa is about halfway between Spokane and Wenatchee, WA on the former GN mainline."


MB Line said...

I meet Bill Edgar a few years ago at the Monroe Train show. Super nice guy. After a while talking to him he asked me if I had ever seen any photos of his. I then showed him my cell phone and one of his photos was my wallpaper. His eye lit up.

SDP45 said...

That's awesome! I met him a few years back when he came through Coulee City to shoot the EWG. Very nice guy.