Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Marengo Views

Photographer unknown. Date unknown.

Rob Leachman commented:
"Here you can see 200 at left on the Milw Rd and 205 at right down on the UP. I am sure the UP Asst. Supt. in Spokane would have been none too happy at this practice. The day I allowed it the Milw 205 train went past Marengo yard limits getting out of 200's way (there was a carload of Olympia beer 200 had to dig out of the UP interchange, so 200 had to get completely past the interchange key) and it threw the UP block signals to red all the way down to Ankeny. The UP section gang called the signal maintainer to investigate. I thought I would get fired, but fortunately 205 backed up before the maintainer got on the scene."

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