Friday, April 14, 2023

2018 Highline Grain Shipping Rates

This was shared with me from one of the owners of the Eastern Washington Gateway back in 2018.

Hi Dan,

Please see the attached BNSF tariff schedules for wheat. 4022-43591 covers the shuttle trains from Four Lakes, McCoy and Templin while 4022-43595 covers all of the singles. The best rate from Ephrata is $2,440 PC (24-47 cars, 286,000 lbs.) vs. the Four Lakes shuttle rate of $1916 PC. Now, there are incentives for unloading and loading ($100 PC, I believe) in less than 10 hours which help reduce the shuttle rate. But, you can see that if the scoot tariff is very high, HLG is incentivized to ship smaller lots from other locations.

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