Sunday, April 2, 2023

Davenport Tool Shed View

Guest post by the late Len Robertson. 

(Len passed a few years ago. I've been digging out our correspondence and memorializing certain parts on this website.)

Even though this looks like it could be a motor car shed with doors on the other side, my memory is there weren't any doors other than the one  shown in the end. I believe it was a tool shed. But I would love to see a picture of the other side just to be sure. Again, my best guess on the date the photo was taken would be early 1960s. Probably the concrete grain elevators are still there today to be able to find the location where this building sat. If you are good at Photoshop and want to improve any of the photos I send, feel free to do so. I increased the contrast on this one a slight amount, but usually when I try to improve the look of a picture it ends up looking worse.

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