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Ephrata AFEs

This is a summary to the "Applications For Expenditures" (AFE) files which were project files for all purchases, construction or removal of facilities or equipment from Great Northern property. These files sometimes contain correspondence, invoices, blueprints and other project information, and often contain insight into events or changes in a specific area at a point in time.

As a summary, it does give a look into the changes made over the years.

From the GN-NP Archives.

1893    Construct 100x100 stockyard
1898    Extend passing track 531 feet
1899    Construct 700 foot industry track
1900    Replace 2 foot water pipe line with 4 foot
1900    Erect mail crane
1900    Equip mail crane with bag clamp
1900    Grade driveway
1901    Construct temporary stockyard
1901    Place 8 ton standard stock scale at stockyard
1901    Extend industry track 1550 feet
1902    Erect 24x48 station facility
1902    Construct public crossing
1902    Renew water pipe to stockyard
1903    Widen banks on road bed
1903    Install rain gauge and instruments for measuring rainfall
1903    Build an additional 98x99 foot pen to stock yard
1903    Install mail crane
1906    Construct private crossing
1906    Construct standard section house and standard laborer house
1907    Construct passing track
1909    Construct passing track
1909    Move water closet to new location
1909    Change outlet fixture on water tank from 7 inch to 10 inch diameter
1909    Install ROW fence
1910    Move station water closet
1911    Install 5700 feet of ROW fence 2 miles west of Ephrata
1912    Install electric crossing alarm bells at Pacific Ave
1912    Place public crossing 2 1/2miles west
1912    30x52 addition to depot, place flush toilet in each waiting room, rearrange for freight house and warm room, extend platform
1913    Remove stockyard scales
1914    Construct 400 foot extension to industry track for Standard Oil Co.
1914    Replace signals
1914    Construct 1064 foot extension on east end and 400 foot extension on west end of passing track
1914    Move public crossing 250 feet east
1914    Install ROW fence
1915    Install feed racks in stockyards
1915    Install sheep loading chute
1916    Install ROW fence
1916    Deep well and pump
1916    Relay passing track with 85# rail
1916    Pipe connection to city water
1916    Install culvert at bridge 344.1
1917    Install ROW fence
1917    Cess pool at depot
1918    Pump house for water tank
1919    Replace water tank
1920    Purchase lawn mower
1920    Extend drain from standpipe
1920    Enlarge pump house & replace pump
1920    Pipe from water tank to section house
1921    Bunk houses from Adrian and Columbia River
1921    Move 8x12 hand car house from Quincy to Ephrata
1922    Construct public crossings
1922    Bunk house from Circle
1922    Replace motor at pumping plant
1923    Install 11200 feet of ROW fence 4 miles west of Ephrata
1923    Ephrata to Quincy: Relay present 85# rail with new 100# rail from present end of 100# rail at station 6736-22 about 1/2 mile west of west switch Ephrata to west end of 90# rail near west switch Quincy station, a distance of 16 miles, providing 7x10 1/2 inch new tie plates and 5/8x6 inch spikes out of face. Relay rail lighter than 75# with second hand 85# rail in passing tracks at Naylor, Winchester, and Quincy; also tie plate curves in passing tacks with second hand tie plates and relay 68# turnouts with #9 turnouts, using second hand switch material recovered from main line. Provide curve number and elevation boards. Place 13000 cubic yards ballast out of face from Adrian pit charging 40% to capital account, balance to operating expense, provide for track bonding in connection with signal department. Extend passing track at Quincy to connect with east wye switch
1923    Electric lights in depot
1923    Move section house from Chopaka to Ephrata
1924    Electric lights in section house
1924    Construct Union Oil spur
1924    Install car body building
1924    Install cut-out for alarm bell
1925    Place oil drums
1925    Connect to city water
1925    Fill bridges 344.1, 344.2 & 362
1926    Deepen well
1928    Auxiliary telephone in depot warehouse
1928    Replace 100# passing track switches with 110# material
1929    Extend passing track
1931    Private crossing at Cyrus Ave
1932    Enlarge signal maintainers cottage
1934    Extend public crossing at Pacific Ave
1934    Move gas engine from Lyons to Ephrata pumping plant
1935    Highway underpass
1935    Air compressor for pumping plant
1935    Extend public crossing
1936    Add bedroom to section house
1937    Remove private crossing at Cyrus Ave
1937    Retire bunkhouse
1937    Install bunkhouse from Quincy
1939    Replace engine at pumping plant
1939    Water hose connection
1940    Assessment for sewer
1941    Shingles on roof of depot
1941    Loading platform
1942    Replace pump
1943    Remodel 29x100 station
1943    Sewer pipe
1943    Extend industry track
1943    Turnouts for Army tracks
1943    Grading for west leg of wye
1943    Fit up four 2689' capacity arch bar cars for use as bunk cars to house employees
1944    Relay through turnouts of passing tracks with 112# rail
1944    Remove mail crane
1945    Install spring switches
1945    Construct tool house
1945    Place derail on lead to Army Air Depot track
1945    Basin Concrete spur
1946    Griswold signals on Division and Third Ave
1946    Sewer line
1947    Assessment for streets-8th
1947    Pave platforms at depot
1947    Remove switch and connect industry tracks
1947    Purchase billing machine
1947    Purchase adding machine
1947    Install toilets in laborers houses
1947    Construct sidewalk on Third Ave
1948    Pave and repair crossings and relay 253 feet main line
1948    Improvements to company house
1948    Install shoo-fly tracks for canal crossing
1949    Morrison-Knudson siding
1949    Remove Union Oil spur
1950    Extend depot platform
1950    Purchase property
1950    Morrison-Knudson spur
1950    Irrigation pipe
1950    Dedicate part of station grounds for road
1951    Hand throw at Columbia Concrete Pipe spur
1951    Remove Morrison-Knudson track
1951    Install metal tool houses
1951    Temporary timber bridges Ephrata to Winchester
1952    Construct roadway and fence
1952    Partitions in depot
1952    Easement for street
1952    Retire water tank
1953    Purchase property
1953    Improve depot platform
1953    General Tractor spur
1954    Sale of property
1954    Midstates Supply spur
1955    Retire & remove stockyards
1955    Crossing gates
1955    Easement for highway
1955    House track
1956    Assessment for sewers
1956    Sun Basin Lumber spur
1956    Signal timing circuits
1957    Easement for BPA
1958    Assessment for streets
1958    Easement for over head highway bridge
1960    Sell section house
1963    Sale of property
1965    Extend loading platform 80 feet
1965    Wheel change truck
1966    CTC Ephrata to Columbia River
1968    Retire stockyard facility
1968    Purchase truck
1970    Install CTC with 4th aspect Lamona to Ephrata

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