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Odessa AFEs

This is a summary to the "Applications For Expenditures" (AFE) files which were project files for all purchases, construction or removal of facilities or equipment from Great Northern property. These files sometimes contain correspondence, invoices, blueprints and other project information, and often contain insight into events or changes in a specific area at a point in time.

As a summary, it does give a look into the changes made over the years.

From the GN-NP Archives.

1895    Construct stockyard
1898    Extend passing track
1899    Dig irrigation ditch
1899    Erect mail crane
1900    Install ROW fence
1900    Construct industry track
1900    Construct public crossing
1900    Construct 24x24 station facilities
1901    Remodel station facilities
1901    Place rip rap along Crab Creek
1901    Construct section house
1901    Place tool house
1901    Revise yard tracks
1902    Put in 950 foot spur for the Portland Flour Mill
1902    Install ROW fence
1902    Dig well at section house
1902    Install wing fence and cattle guard in ROW fence
1902    Widen banks to Mohler
1903    Relocate privy
1903    Install stock chute at stockyard
1903    Remodel station facilities
1903    Change irrigation ditch
1904    Install ROW fence
1904    Construct public crossing
1904    Construct spur track
1904    Install private crossing
1905    Construct house track
1906    Cinder walk along second street
1906    Construct public crossing on Fifth Avenue
1906    Construct house track
1907    Construct spur track
1907    Extend Odessa Lumber Spur
1908    Place mail crane
1908    Install ROW fence
1908    Construct public crossing
1908    Construct private crossing
1909    Construct 30x96 standard depot with 12x100 cinder wing platforms
1909    Construct subway under tracks at Fourth street
1909    Install mail crane
1909    Construct passing track
1909    Construct private crossing for JB Ziegler 1 mile west
1910    Construct 473 foot extension to passing track and rearrange industry track
1910    Install private crossing
1913    Install 2610 foot ROW fence one mile west
1914    Extend passing track 1321 feet on east end and 13 feet on west end
1915    Construct stockyard
1915    Construct cess pool
1916    Install steel in bridge 322 and 320
1916    Install public crossing at 5th ant 7th streets
1916    Construct Standard Oil Spur
1917    Place cinder walk to depot
1918    Install private crossing
1919    Place cinder walk on 4th street
1921    Relay 1609 track feet westward from west switch of Odessa with second hand 85# re-sawed rail
1921    Move bunk houses from Bluestem and Downs
1922    Renew trestles and culverts
1923    Put electric lights in section house
1923    Move hand car house from Circle
1923    Purchase mail cart
1924    Place crossing sign at 4th street
1924    Rip rap-Odessa to Irby
1925    Place 55 gallon drum with faucet, hasp, & rack
1925    Section house from Pollard for signal maintainer
1925    Electric lights in signal maintainer cottage
1925    Install crossing signals
1925    Connect section house to city water
1925    Auxiliary telephone in freight depot
1926    Electric lights in section house
1926    Install steel in bridge 321
1928    Ditching-Odessa to Irby
1929    Construct loading platform
1929    Additions to stockyard
1932    Renew bridge 319.5
1932    Install steel in bridge 319.4
1933    Rip rap-Odessa to Seward
1935    Remove private crossing
1939    Install steel in bridge 319.5
1939    Extend Odessa Union Warehouse Spur
1940    Construct spur and platform
1940    Remove 3 settees (?) from depot
1941    Remove loading platform
1941    Install wiring in depot
1941    Install steel in bridge 315.9A
1942    Move train annunciator from Quincy
1942    Install private crossing
1943    Telephone in section house
1943    Relocate automatic train annunciator to Lamona
1944    Odessa to Wilson Creek: Relay 21.13 miles main line with 112# rail, place spring switches at both ends of passing tracks at Irby and Wilson Creek, relay industry tracks with second hand 90# rail at Irby, Marlin and in house track including oil spur turnout at Wilson Creek
1945    Easement for highway
1945    Construct tool house
1945    Relay rail-Lamona to Odessa
1946    Alter depot for agent quarters
1946    Renew piers at bridge 326
1946    Construct private crossing
1947    Replace crossings and signals at 4th street
1951    Install fuel oil tanks at depot
1951    Remove stockyards
1951    Install highway crossing signal
1952    Remove part of Odessa Lumber Spur
1954    Construct Northwest Chemical Spur
1957    Relay siding
1958    Easement for highway
1960    Purchase property
1962    Retire and sell signal maintainer’s house and close facilities
1962    Extend spur track 93 feet
1964    Extend spur track 450 feet
1965    Erect code wires for communications and CTC
1967    Rearrange existing tracks and construct new trackage for Shell Oil
1967    Place creosoted timber ballast deck on bridge #1557.2
1967    Construct 12x14 8 foot metal toilet building
1968    Renew bridge deck
1969    Prepare grade for side track
1969    Purchase 7280 square feet of land
1969    Replace open deck of bridge #1553.5 with creosoted timber ballast deck
1969    Replace open deck of bridge #1555.9 with creosoted timber ballast deck
1970    Install code line
1970    Place safety walk on bridge #1551.6
1970    Extend siding 2508 feet

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