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Quincy AFEs

This is a summary to the "Applications For Expenditures" (AFE) files which were project files for all purchases, construction or removal of facilities or equipment from Great Northern property. These files sometimes contain correspondence, invoices, blueprints and other project information, and often contain insight into events or changes in a specific area at a point in time.

As a summary, it does give a look into the changes made over the years.

From the GN-NP Archives.

1898    Cancel 470 foot extension to passing track
1899    Construct line change 2 1/2 & 4 miles west
1900    Construct 3000 foot passing track with crossover 2 1/2 miles east
1902    Construct public crossing at Douglas St.
1902    Construct 12x50 cinder passenger platform
1902    Place split switch to replace stub switches at crossover
1902    Construct public crossing
1902    Erect mail crane
1903    Install ROW fence
1904    Relocate mail crane 500 feet west
1904    Install ROW fence
1905    Construct station with industry track
1905    Construct private crossing 2 1/2 miles west
1905    Install ROW fence
1906    Install public crossing
1906    Construct depot, section house, and industry track
1907    Dig well
1908    Install ROW fence
1909    Install additional mail crane
1909    Move spur track switch 50 feet east, also move street crossing
1911    Extend passing track
1913    Construct 24 inch concrete pipe culvert under track
1914    Replace signals
1914    Install culverts
1915    Install 2750 feet of ROW fence 1/2 mile east
1915    Replace mail crane
1916    Construct stockyard
1916    Install temporary private crossing
1917    Construct 909 foot industry track between wye to warehouse and Wenatchee Apple Land Co
1919    Construct 490 foot spur for Standard Oil
1920    Install irrigation at station grounds
1920    Quincy to Crater tunnel: provide additional ties to make 20 to 33 foot rail in connection with relaying present 85# rail with new 90# rail from station 7630+10 near west switch Quincy to station 7915+65 east of Crater tunnel, a distance of 5.42 miles
1920    Install additional ties
1920    Add decking on bridge 355 and 366
1921    Relocate 16x24 bunkhouse with 10x11 leanto with 4x5 privy from Adrian and 8x28 car body from Columbia River, also relocate 8x12 hand car house to Ephrata
1921    Place track drain under Standard Oil Spur
1921    Install culvert
1921    Bunkhouses from Winchester and Trinidad
1922    Install 15 hp pump to replace worn out gasoline pump
1922    Raise water tank height 2 to 6 feet to accommodate 0-4 engines
1923    Relay all track in passing track of less than 75#
1923    Quincy to Wenatchee: Place 15000 new steel plates on renewal ties replacing 7-5-58 steel plates during season of 1924
1923    Drop pipe in well
1924    Relay track between Ephrata and Quincy with 100# rail
1924    Electric lights in depot
1924    Install car body
1925    Purchase lawn mower
1925    Place oil drums
1926    Electric lights in signal maintainer’s cottage
1927    Electric lights in section house
1929    Drill well
1930    Replace corral in stockyard
1930    Pump equipment for new well
1936    Quincy to Crater: Furnish and place 3200 rail anchors for 90# rail
1936    Retire section buildings
1937    Remove bunkhouse to Ephrata
1937    Quincy to Peshastin: Furnish and place 39500 tie plates in curves
1937    Acquire warehouse
1938    Replace water tank
1938    Extend public crossing at Douglas Street
1939    Quincy to Crater: Relay 5.26 miles of track with 112# rail
1939    Extend public crossing at Elm Street
1939    Install train annunciator
1941    Sale of warehouse
1943    Construction of buildings, etc for section
1943    Train order delivery stand
1944    Replace train order semaphore type signal with light type signal
1945    Unloading chute at stockyard
1946    Acquire property near abandoned wye
1946    Bath and toilet in signal maintainer house
1947    Motor car for signal maintainer
1947    Extend passing track (not done)
1948    Sewer lines from depot and section house
1949    Extend siding and spring switch
1949    Construct Auburn Packing Company Spur
1949    Purchase typewriter
1950    Construct loading platform
1950    Install temporary shoo-fly track
1950    Construct stock chute
1950    Construct industry track
1951    Extend Auburn Packing Spur
1951    Sale of wells and pump to city
1951    Roadway at industrial lots
1952    Relay with 115# rail
1952    Install private crossing
1952    Pave crossing
1952    Purchase land
1952    Extend Auburn Packing Spur
1953    Extend passing track and build industry tracks
1953    Install culvert at MP 1616.22
1954    Relay portion of passing track, furnish new spikes and rail anchors
1954    Construct industry track
1954    Install crossing gates at Central and Douglas Streets
1955    Construct industry tracks
1955    Sale and purchase of property
1955    Easement for irrigation
1955    Easement for highway
1956    Construct siding and storage track
1956    Extend Forney Fruit Spur
1956    Construct California Packing Spur
1956    Construct Hamilton Fruit Spurs
1956    Acquire property for future line change
1956    Construct Centennial Mills Spurs
1957    Relay with 115# rail
1957    Sale of section house
1959    Remodel and enlarge depot
1959    Easement for power line
1959    Install sewer line
1961    Sale of signal maintainer cottage
1963    Improve drainage-Quincy to Winchester
1964    Construct Utah-Idaho Spur 2650 feet
1964    Connect eastbound and westbound sidings (14380 feet)
1965    Extend spur to 1657 feet
1965    Processing plant & track for Yoshimo-Western
1965    Sell processing plant to Brown & Kelly
1965    Replace stockyard at new location
1965    Warehouse for Yoshimo-Western
1966    Capitalize 778 foot outfit car track
1966    Metal toilet building
1966    Sale of property to port district
1969    Replace rail anchors on CTC sidings

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