Friday, July 24, 2015

Monte Holm's Caboose

Photos courtesy of the GNRHS Archives, Stevenson Collection.

Monte Holm acquired a caboose from the Great Northern for his own railroad. It was delivered to Moses Lake via Othello in 1965, where Wade got photos of it.

The caboose was later donated to the museum in Cashmere, WA, who repainted it into GN colors, where it sits today.

Shortly after repainting into Monte's railroad name. (Photo courtesy Steve Rimple)

How it looked as it sat for years in Moses Lake. (Photo courtesy SL Dixon)

As it moved out to it's new home in Cashmere.

As it looks today at the museum in Cashmere.

I was informed Fred Harvey did the reconstruction of the caboose. Here are 2 photos provided by him of the work:

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