Thursday, May 19, 2016

1147 At Mansfield

Photo by Henry Gallaher; courtesy of Mary Ellen Wax.

Mansfield was the end of the branch line. There was a wye at the end used to turn steam locomotives, instead of an expensive to build turntable. Here the 1147, typical branch line power for the Great Northern, has just been turned on the wye in 1947 for the return trip to Wenatchee. The building to the left of the steamer is the pump house, and the water tank used to sit beyond it. Of note is that this is the very steam locomotive on display in Wenatchee since May 21, 1956, just on your right after crossing  the Columbia River on SR 285 in Mission Street Park.

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Timbill said...

I remember the Depot well.When we were kids we used to go into it and look at all the furnishings that were still in it.