Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Grades Of The CW And SLS&E West Of Coulee City

Pictures and map courtesy of Dean Ogle, who joined me that day to go out hiking in the bush.

Purple lines on the map are the Central Washington Railroad, which continued to build past Coulee City. The grade was largely complete to the top of the hill, save for trestles. While not fully colored, the red lines represent some of the Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern grades to be seen in the same area. 

Behind Dean in this photo is the spot of the contested cut in the basalt, which lead to the Coulee City Railroad War.

 Looking beyond the cut on the Central Washington.

 Looking at the incomplete Lake Shore grade.

 Up on the hill, two views of the CW grade.

 Another view of the CW grade.

A partial view of the deep cut with a horseshoe curve in it up on the hill.

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