Monday, August 31, 2020

1988 BN Action At Coulee City

Guest post by Rick Morgan.

September 13, 1988

A grain train is departing town on the old NP CW line. They used four units (BN 2092, EMDX 770, 762, BN 2526) to pull loads out and met up with a fifth locomotive, GP35 2532 just east of town at Cement before heading for Cheney and Spokane. 

Four units pull grain loads out of Coulee City. They're working hard as they fight the grade out of town. 

BN 2092 climbs out of Coulee City WA on 13 Sep 1988 with three other units.

BN 2092 and its mates have climbed with their grain loads out of Coulee City and enter Cement, where they will join up with a GP35 before continuing east 

BN GP35 2532 had been working cars at Odair, a short spur just east of town, and was waiting at Cement for the train out of Coulee City. Having retrieved the stray unit, they head out in an easterly direction. (This picture is actually from down the line at Hartline.)

BN caboose 10559 brings up the markers as its train departs Cement for Cheney and Spokane.

The train having departed east, quiet returns to the elevator complex at Coulee City.