Sunday, July 16, 2023

1980 BN Quincy View

Photo courtesy of Blair Kooistra.

September 3, 1980

Blair says:

"I've always favored the *next* frame with the head end much closer to the camera. . .but I'm glad I kept this one, for it has much for railroady-flavor with the brakeman hanging far out of the cab to snag the orders off the delivery fork (though this was CTC territory, perhaps some slow order changes?) as train #130--or maybe it was #198?--roars east over the 3rd Avenue crossing and past the depot at Quincy, Washington, at the top of the Trinidad hill grade on September 3, 1980.

"Burlington Northern has been around for six months and a decade, but there's plenty of old Great Northern feel with a 1960s depot with classic modern font not yet in BN green and white, while on the running track, the Spud Local idles--at lunch maybe?--with a pair of classic long-hood-forward ex-GN GP9s. Welded rail has yet to arrive, and guys like Paul Springowski and Michael Green can get their woodies drooling over that classic crew-cab pickup in the parking lot, too. And--hey!--you can just make out the nose of my 1978 Toyota Corolla (the Atomic Cockroach) in beautiful deep brown paint and disco trim stripes.

"There's certainly a lot to see here."


Kurt Moose said...

Yup, this is a keeper for sure! Ex-GN Geep on the local, looks like an old M_G at the depot as well. This pic is full of details.

Oh, still have the keys to the door of the depot as well, yup!

Kurt Moose said...

Probably an ex-GN speeder as well, that I'd really like to have!

SDP45 said...

Good memento!


Unknown said...

I was on the steel gang in the mid 1980's installing ribbon in front of the depot. For some reason our gang roadmaster decided to run Amtrak down the running track instead of the siding.

He received a nasty call that night telling him to NEVER run Amtrak down that yard track again!

SDP45 said...

Holy moly! Was the track that bad?