Friday, July 7, 2023

BN Train Near Rock Island Dam

Photo courtesy Ken Albrecht.

Ken says: 

"BN  crew in lead xNP BN SD45 6418+1 move Train 130 East along the Columbia  River past the Rock Island Dam situated near Rock Island WA on 6-13-81.  


Kurt Moose said...

Wow, beauty of a shot!

SDP45 said...

Let's go back in time and see SD45s for ourselves.


NP Fan said...

Being at my roots, an NP fan, I love the nod to the "ex-NP" locomotive! I drive by here everyday on my way to work and it always makes for a great day to catch a train here. Great spot to do my favorite hobby!!

SDP45 said...

Being that the BBRH Home Office is deep in the heart of NP territory, I always appreciate anything NP. But this spot is super nice too.