Tuesday, January 23, 2024

1980 Wenatchee View

Courtesy of Blair Kooistra. 

Blair says:

The book "Rails in the Northwest/A Contemporary Glimpse" by Ron Hill and my old friend Dave Stanley had been out only a few years when I happened upon this scene of a hobo walking the ballast on BN's mainline at Wenatchee, Washington as an F-unit and geep switched the top end of Appleyard in September 1980.

"Immediately it registered in my mind: the same location, subject, and remarkably similar composition that Dave had photographed and placed on page 16 of the book (which remains a favorite on my bookshelf).

"I'll borrow Dave's caption, as it applies to this photo just as well as his:

"Wenatchee, Washington, as many other railroad downs, plays host to the other men of the rails: hoboes. This thirsty 'bo grabs a drink from his jug while waiting for the next slow-moving freight train to carry him away. He'll be at home then."


Kurt Moose said...

Second I saw this pic, I thought the exact same thing!

Classic book, classic times...

SDP45 said...

I've never seen that book. But, those photos are coming up soon too.


Kurt Moose said...


You can get that book pretty cheap if you look. Good pics in it from the NW.

SDP45 said...

Thanks for the tip!


Kurt Moose said...

Your welcome!