Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Railroad Comes To Royal City

Thanks to William Russ for digging this out.

Photo and caption from Tri-City Herald, 1967. Aerial taken April 7, 1969.

The principal physical feature of the new line to Royal City, a horseshoe curve built on the side of a slope, is seen in both of these images.


NP Fan said...

Do you know the history of the black road switcher ( I believe it's an Alco) that is sitting near the highway in Risk City? It looks just like an old locomotive we had when I worked at Naval Submarine Base Bangor. It was an ex-Army locomotive. The Navy got rid of it because the six wheel trucks had trouble on some of the tight radius curves. They put it on the ground several times.

John, Ephrata

SDP45 said...

Earliest photo I could find of it was when it was still stationed at Ft. Lewis.

There are a bunch of photos of it here:



NP Fan said...


I just read the latest Mainstreeter from NPRHA and they have a 1979 photo of two ALCO MRS-1's that were assigned to the Navy for use on the Bangor/Bremerton line. Evidently there must have been multiple MRS-1's assigned to the NW military RR's at one time.


SDP45 said...

I don't know anything about this model of engine.


Kurt Moose said...

....I was exactly 4 years old on the date of this article, lol!

Glad to see something of the Milwaukee is still in use, and hopefully more in the future!

SDP45 said...

NP Fan, thanks for the link!

Kurt, you have a few years on me!


Kurt Moose said...


Been around abit for sure!