Saturday, November 24, 2012

Putt Putts Tour The Eastern Washington Gateway

On May 24, 2012, a speeder tour visited the EWG as part of their itinerary. This day they were traveling from Wilbur to Coulee City, then return to Wilbur.

First, a view of the cars while laying over at Coulee City:

Most important "car" in the lineup.

Movement of the EWG was dependent on the speeders clearing town.
Here is a representative speeder headed out of town at Odair.

Headed up the grade between Odair and Cement.

Got ahead of them and found a good vantage point at Hanson.

Said vantage point at Hanson, the former Burlington Northern radio transmitter.


MB Line said...

Damn-it! I'm Jealous! I want to do that so bad. That looks like a kick in the pants. My brother and I have talked about buying one of those. How often does that club run the rails? Nice pictures you took also.


SDP45 said...

They run during the summer all over the PNW. There is a club of some sort that organizes, I believe it's called NARCOA.