Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Bucking Snow On The Washington Eastern

Guest post by Gary Durr.

March 14th or 15th.

Mother nature hit Washington state with a late winter snow storm... In the Eastern part of the state, Winds up to 50 Mph and heavy snow made for a rough weekend here on the Washington Eastern Railroad...not only were the snows heavy but the wind blew the snow into the many cuts on the railroads East end between Hite and Davenport, Washington...

The first West bound train after the storm, "3 days after," had a time clearing the lines many deep cuts of snow on its way West with Empties for the out country grain elevators... Here we see veteran engineer, Bruce Butler, busting one of the many hard packed snow drifts on his way West... seen here at Mann Rd, about 1.5 miles East of Mondovi, Washington about half way between Reardan and Davenport on the eastern end of the line.. Luckily the sun had been out for a couple of days and warm temperatures and had melted much if not most of the snow on the line...

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