Tuesday, September 14, 2021

GN SD9 Arrives At INRM

Guest post by Bruce Butler.

September 10, 2020

In Cheney WA, building air pressure in the SD9 so that we can do a proper air test before proceeding west.

WER 4227 is a GP30M, EMD Builder# 28513. Built 9/1963 as C&O 3037, then to CSXT 4227.

GN 1730 was built 5/1958 as GN 598, one of only two GN SD9's built with dynamic brakes. Builder's number 24100. It spent much of it's life working out of Klamath Falls OR.

In Cheney, almost ready to head west.

The taggers apparently got to 1730 at some point, although I believe that it arrived in Cheney already tagged.

End views of 4227 and 1730, looking east. 2422 has been re-coupled to 4227 and will continue west to Davenport.

1730 has been set out at the INRM museum connection track. Per their request, it was spotted between the CW switch and the switch leading into the museum. It was tight, but it did fit without fouling either switch. Before the sun set, the museum had it inside of their fence.

Another view of 1730 on the INRM stub track.

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